Electrical Fire Safety

Electrical failure or malfunction is a leading cause of home fires year after year.  Yet, many home electrical fires can be prevented simply by understanding basic electrical safety principles and following safe practices.

There are two different types of fire safety strategies: Prevention and Preparation

Prevention Strategies – Protect you home and family by taking steps to prevent fires

  • Understand the basics of your home electrical system
  • Install advanced electrical safety technologies
  • Properly maintain your electrical system and components
  • Identify and correct potential electrical hazards
Preparation Strategies – Prepare your home and family for a fire before one happens
  • Install smoke alarms according to current recommendations
  • Test smoke alarms every month
  • Prepare a fire escape plan
  • Have two ways out of each room
  • Practice your fire escape plan with fire drills
Knowledge and planning are the keys to keeping your family and home safe from fire!