Grass fire extinguished in Northern part of county.

Four departments battled grass fire in high temperatures today. Good stop on approximately ten acres in the Greenwood-Slidell area. Firefighters from Greenwood-Slidell, Decatur, Alvord, and Krum battled high temperatures as well the fire. Great job. Please stay safe and hydrated as temperatures will remain high.

 Medic 4 and Rescue 1 were also on scene to assist for health and safety of firefighters and the public due to the extreme heat. Thanks for your support. 

Busy day and hot temperatures

Good job to those who have been quick to respond. Thanks for the job you do to protect lives and property. Some great stops today.

Special thanks to Boyd, Decatur, Rhome, East Wise, and Newark.

Many dollars of property saved because of those who volunteer and sacrifice time away from their families to make a difference in your fellow citizens’ lives. It’s sometimes a thankless job, but know you are appreciated.

Lake Bridgeport still expected to rise more this evening.

Water is not over the bridge at this time, but has gone over the road just East of The One Stop store. The TRWD has stated they expect the lake to crest this evening at just over 841′ elevation.