The mission of the Wise County Fire Marshal’s Office is to provide for, supervise, support, and train all Fire Departments and to investigate fires within unincorporated Wise County. Further, this office will strive to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Wise County in accordance with Chapter 352 of the Texas Local Government Code, county policy and sound emergency management practices.

The Wise County Fire Marshal’s Office will strive for professionalism in all areas of performance. We will provide the best possible services at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers of Wise County and the State of Texas. We will apply the law and county policies fairly and consistently throughout the county. We will communicate openly with the public; elected officials, fellow fire departments and law enforcement agencies we serve.


The Wise County Fire Marshal’s Office is under the general supervision of the County Judge. The primary functions of the Fire Marshal’s Office include code enforcement, fire prevention classes, investigation of fires, record keeping of fires (as required by Texas Law), and technical and administrative assistance to county fire departments.

Fire prevention is carried out by speaking to civic groups, schools, town councils, community groups, and others on the subject of fire prevention and emergency operations.

The Wise County Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for helping local fire departments with the investigation of fires in the county to determine the origin and cause of fire, and prosecution of arson and other unlawful fires. Texas Law requires the Fire Marshal’s Office to keep records of all fires that occur within the county. The Fire Marshal’s Office and the State Fire Marshal investigate any injury or death that is caused by fire, so long as said fire is not inside incorporated city limits (investigations occur within cities only at the request of the Fire Chief or Chief of Police).

The Fire Marshal’s Office also assists departments in such areas as dealing with funding, fire prevention, equipment, training, and providing help in filing grant applications. Other assistance is given to fire departments by giving information on lowering Insurance Services Office ratings for lower insurance premiums for citizens living in fire districts. The Office also is a member of the county emergency management team.

The current service area of the Fire Marshal’s Office includes all rural areas of the county, and within town limits only when requested by City Managers to the County Judge.

Wise County has 17 fire departments covering 936 square miles. All fire departments are volunteer.



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